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Item Quantity
Attieke 5 pieces
Bobolo 5Kg
Cassava bread – Kwanga ya kasa 5 pieces
Cassava flour – Fufu 5Kg
Farina 5Kg
Gari 5 pieces
Indomie dsasd
Iwisa 5 pieces
Miondo dasd
Plantains 5 pieces
Plantains Crisps/Flour 5Kg
Plantains – Makemba 5Kg
Pounded Yam das
Rice Basmati/Sella/Long grain/Jasmine/Thai das
Semolina 5Kg

Item Quantity
Cat Fish (whole & cut) – Ngolo 5 pieces
Dry smoked Prawns 5Kg
Frozen pawn 5Kg
Frozen snails sad
Frozen Ugu dsa
Hake Fish 5 pieces
Headless Red bream 5Kg
Horse Mackerel – Thomson dsa
Mackerel das
Manifold 5 pieces
Pengasus – Malanguas 5Kg
Red Snapper – Dorade – Mabundu ya rouge 5Kg
Salted Fish – Makayabu dsa
Tilapia – Mabundu dsa
Tripe 5 pieces
Yellow Croakers – Malua 5Kg

Item Quantity
Beef meat with/without bones 5 pieces
Cow snurt 5Kg
Frozen Chicken (Pluvera & Wilki) dsa
Goat – Ntaba – Choma sad
Goat special – Ntaba ya poso 5 pieces
Honeycomb 5Kg
Lamb 5Kg
Smoked hen – Poulet fumé asd
Smoked Turkey tails asd
Smoked Turkey wings 5 pieces
Spare ribs – Mipanzi 5Kg
Tripe – Mabumu 5 pieces

Item Quantity
African Beans – Madesu 5 pieces
African Plum – Prune Africaine – Ugbe – Nsafu 5Kg
Aromat 5 pieces
Callaloo – Folong – Bitekuteku 5Kg
Bitter leaves dsa
Carotene Palm oil 5Kg
Cassava leaves – Pondu dsa
Chili sauce – Pili pili 5 pieces
Chili/Scott bonnet – Piment – Pili pili 5Kg
Dried Hot Pepper 5 pieces
Egusi – Mbika 5Kg
Ewedu – Gombo en feuilles asd
Fresh Okra – Dongo dongo asd
Frozen Okra – Gombo – Dongo dongo gélé 5 pieces
Garden eggs – Nsolo 5Kg
Indomie asd
Maggie & Jumbo 5 pieces
Matembele 5 pieces
Mfumbwa 5Kg
Molokhai 5Kg
Okazi sad
Okra – Gombo – Dongo dongo 5 pieces
Onga 5 pieces
Palm oil 5Kg
Periwinkle 5Kg
Rondelle – Mukubi 5 pieces
Sour leaves – Oseilles – Ngaï ngaï dsa
Tomatoes Plum/Chopped/Concentrated 5 pieces